Climbing in Malta

Rock Climbing LgeRock climbing in Malta was started originally by the RAF in the 1960’s and 70’s and owes a lot of its site and climbing ethics to them.

Other Europeans followed in the 80’s and 90’s and added many bolted sports routes as well as more traditional climbs already established.

There are about 1,200 routes across approximately 21 areas of Malta and Gozo split about 70% on Malta and 30% on Gozo. A good book to read for further information is the “Malta rock climbing guidebook”.



Bouldering, (the climbing of large rocks and boulders), in the Maltese Islands is an increasingly popular pass time. There are a number of good sites that have interesting climbs over these limestone rocks. Gozo has the majority of these fascinating sites and it is well worth venturing across the narrow channel to explore the possibilities, ferries or the seaplane are available for this short trip.

Deep Water Soloing

Combining the steep cliffs that surround parts of Malta and Gozo with deep water and you have a paradise for adventurers.

Rock Climbing LgeClimbing

Although Malta and Gozo don’t have a mountain range, there are still many challenges for the sports and recreational climber.
The sites range from sea cliffs to single pitch inland crags. There are also many deep-water soloing locations, providing a refreshing plunge into the Mediterranean after your exertions!!

Whatever you decide to tackle, seek professional local advice and take the necessary safety equipment.


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